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System function


Asset types


Asset quantity


Automation and simplification of asset registration, classification, identification, storage, and other processes.

Record each asset information to avoid errors and omissions caused by manual recording.

Provide fast search and retrieval functions to facilitate users in finding specific asset information.


Tracking and monitoring all assets helps ensure their safety, integrity, and optimal utilization.

By effectively managing assets, reduce unnecessary asset purchases and asset loss or waste.

Better utilize assets and avoid situations where assets are idle or overused.


Automated data collection and processing processes can improve efficiency.

Assist employees in quickly finding and identifying assets, simplify inventory processes, and reduce tedious manual work.

It can help organizations comply with regulations and internal audit requirements, ensuring compliance and transparency in asset management.


The ability to convert asset data into easily understandable charts helps users quickly understand asset status and trends.

Able to promptly detect abnormal situations or issues, and provide alerts and notifications.

Help organizations understand the development trends in asset value, utilization, and lifecycle.

Asset management mobile APP

Better help you manage assets and keep track of their status at all times.